Smart Motion Control Co., Ltd. (SMMC) was founded in 2003. We have distributors, offices, sales and technical engineers in Taiwan (Taoyuan) and China (Shenzhen / Kunshan) for service support. Also, we develop and distribute many motion / automation related products, such as PC-based motion controllers (cards), linear servo motors, stepping / servo motors, amplifiers, drivers, linear scale encoders, voice coil actuators, piezo motors, manual stages, etc.
We provide services as selling high accuracy motors, stages, motor drivers and controllers. And we can offer customized device design, and all kinds of service for automatic motion. We also cooperate with manufacturers of Japan / U.S. / South Korea / Israel which develop the higher-performance automatic devices and control systems.
Although our company is young, our sales and technical engineers have sufficient experience and knowhow on applying automatic products such as PCB, semiconductors, machine tools, fiber machines, TFT inspection systems,3D measurement systems, laser punch / cutting machines, etc.